Typoo hunters

Yes, I I, Dave Dowling  former Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, MP, MLA  have something to say: .



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  1. At least there is content here, unlike other candidates web sites. I doubt if you could even spend 5 minutes reading at some of those other sites, there is so little there.

    Grammer, spelling mistakes and typos are all things that I am very proud of. I use no spell checker, nor do I have a paid Editor, nor do I employ a speech writer, as some do, when they really have nothing to offer but glossy adds.

    I also have disability problems with my one hand that makes it so I make many mistakes.

    Which is more important, the typoos or the message? If it is the typoos, then I suggest, you cast your vote away on someone else…….

  2. another spellin’ nutszee….. Everything I write
    I post to make the spelling nutzies happy. After all some just like to find reasons to frown.

    Typoos, the only thing that can be picked in my platform, posts and speakes. :-} is this a spellin nutzee aproved smily face? you know, the thing in bold, like my posts, my speeches, my life, what i write…

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