Fiscal Responsibility

I, Dave Dowling believe that Balanced budgets is exactly that, no debt. Spend only, or less than what is received is how it is done. Combined with holding tax increases to the minimum or trying to bring in tax decreases are part of what fiscal responsibility is.

Fiscial responsibility also involves word by word examination of the budget, making sure tax dollars are spent effectively, where the monies spent on the items efficently solves the problem with as little as possible impact upon the tax burden. In My Opinion, I Dave Dowling belive fiscal responsibility is something that all elected servants should strive to achieve for the voters and others they represent.

Proof of Dave Dowling having fiscal responsibility is the 2007 Mayor of Edmonton election, where the voters of Edmonton voted Dave Dowling  3rd on a Campaign budget of . . . . . . . . $20. yes, twenty dollers Canadian. More proof is the 2010 Mayor of Edmonton election, where Dave Dowling spent $12.60 and got close to the same number of votes as in the 2007 election!


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