Core Services

Core services are important. Roads, police, schools, etc.

Roads, public transportation , police serving and protecting.  
Government that listens, represents and respects is the number one core service issue.
Then it would be making sure all have air, water, food, clothing, shelther,education, etc  and the ability to enhance thier quality of life.
After that, making sure decent roads are there, where regulated business can sell products and services to the people that are usually trying to enjoy thier quality of life would be the next core service issue that government deal with. And of course along comes serving and protecting the people, public trasportation, fire departments, ambulance services, and ever so much more that a community or metro-area needs.

Which is what property taxes pay for. Those core services that a community or city requires. Other levels of government, like the provincal government and federal government sometimes give some small amounts of tax transfer payments to communities and citiesfor fiscal help.  

I, Dave Dowling say that: With the federal and provincial political parties in control, digging the province and nation in ever deeper debt, those tax transfers will probably be getting smaller, which is why fiscal responsibility will become even more important at the municipal level of government where most of the core services are dealt with.

Those core services must come first before the white elephants. Core services are what keeps a city functioning smoothly.


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