A Police force.

Consumer protection is something Alberta and the rest of Canada could use a bit more of. There is too many recalls all the time on too many different products. Cars, food products, baby cribs, pet foods, children’s toys, etc. These recalls usually happen because corporations put profits before consumer safety. Corporations licensed by the Governments.

If there was a need for  more police, that’s what it would be for. According to statistics Canada, crime is down in Edmonton and a few other cities. More police checking out all products coming into  stores would probably result in only quality goods been sold to people at reasonable prices.
More police on the roads , sounds a bit like a police state. More police cruising around, when crime is down, sounds like a recipe for disaster as usually occurs in a police state. Afghanistan is an example of such a system where police are everywhere, and more are probably needed. As is other parts of the world.

This is not such a place. This is  Alberta, Canada, where we embrace Democracy, frown upon military police states with police on every corner making sure people are carry ing their clipboard in the proper way, and that it does not have any words upon it inflammatory to the police states opinion. More police on the streets when crime is down, only adds to problems as police are human just like every one and occasionally make mistakes. More police does less than nothing for poverty, it takes away money and resources that could help solve poverty. tens of millions. More police does less than nothing for the homeless as once again, it takes away resources that could go towards solving the homeless problem. And more police does less than nothing for the environment, just as it does less than nothing for the tax bill. More police actually makes poverty worse as the cost raises taxes and forces those on fixed incomes to do with less.

Change the green teams into the crime teams. Have the police in schools get provincial wages for teaching law and order, rules and regulations. or just get them out of schools all together. Get rid of the red light, photo radar double taxation system, like  I have proposed in previous elections. And put police on the beat in those areas where crimes is happening, as I have proposed before.

Give the actually officers more schooling, the means to serve and protect, the ability to serve and protect and make sure they are there to serve and protect, like they mostly try to do, and perhaps the people will see that they are there to serve and protect. That is how one deals with police issues and help reduce crime.

The best solution though is free food, free schooling, free housing, and good high paying quality jobs with adequate medical services and government that is there for the people. When people have quality of life, crime goes down.



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  1. another place where police need training is on the job. On the job training is one of the best ways. Better schooling systems for them where they learn from experianced people on how to peacefully deal with situations.
    And with the way software constantly changes,I would guess, there is needs for schooling in that area, and probably constantly.
    Some people say learning how to operate a new TV remote is almost like going to school.

    And there is probably others stuff as well that I am not aware of.

  2. I also am not sure if there is a system in place to make them aware of court presidents that happen across the country, hopefully there is.

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