2016 USA Election.CONGRATULATIONS President TRUMP !

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Like him as the majority of electoral college members do or Hate him as the majority of voters do: Mr Donald J. Trump will be  the 45 president of the USA. Sworn into office, next month, he will be doing lots as he has stated.
For with the republican party controlling the house, senate, lots of governorship’s and Trump appointing the next supreme court justice, he probably will be doing lots. In My Opinion the lots that he will be doing could be good or bad depending upon what it all will be. Will it be enough to get him re-elected in 4 more years? Who knows, not me, I guess we will all know in 4 more years from now.
Will he release area 51 technology to the American public to create vast amounts of jobs? Will he make it so investments into colonizing space is actually done, with millions of Americans actually being the space age by migrating off world to vast numbers of places in the solar system? That would create so many jobs it would be Bigly economic times for at least 1000 years in my opinion.
There is of course many other ways with new technologies to make America Bigly again.
And hopefully he and his team implement a lot of the good ones for America and beyond.


My HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 predictions.

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Yes indeed it is that time again where our year ends and we celebrate and ring in the new year of 2017 ! 2017 is a prime number so it could also be a prime year ahead with lots of prime time controversy on 90% of the medias  which is owned by 6 companies! Yes 6!

For 2017 I predict: There will be wars happening.
Computers will advance and there will also be a medical advancement.
A Natural Disaster will happen somewhere.
Some stocks will go up, some will go down.
An airplane crash might happen.
Cognitive dissonance will run rampant in most nations  in 2017 letting people believe the system of government they have is Democracy, when it isn’t. Democracy is everyone voting on all that government wants to do.

Should the world start boycotting America?

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It doesn’t matter whom their President is. More nuclear weapons than anyone, largest prison population, one of the worst polluters, $20 Trillion in debt, racial problems, number of ordinary people killed by government people. Bombing more places than any other nation, dictatorial  to other nations, they don’t listen,  largest international seller of weapons and on and on it goes.  All of it bad.  Should everyone in the world start boycotting anything American? What do you think?

Jan 21. 2017

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DSC01430I’m Trumpeting my Trumpet of Trumper while Trumping with Trump :Mark that Trumpdate down in your Trumpcalendar , January 21. 2017. For that is the date the Trumpence-ing of America starts with the Trumpence assuming the offices of President and Vice -President of Trumpland. Yes Trumpland. For the Trumpenceish team controls the White House, Congress, Senate, Supreme court, governors and more. Which are now the Trump House, the Trumpgress, the Trumpenate and Trump court and the Trumpernors right down to the small wee Trumpsters. Trumpish some may call that day the Trump Trumper Trumpeting out the Trumpenceish become official. I wonder what the first Executive Trump order will be signed into Trump-reality in Trumpland.
Some say in some card games that a Trump card is the greatest. Some say it’s just a normal card in the Deck turned into a Joker, either way in my opinion its far too early to say which it will be. But I do know for sure it starts Jan 21. 2017

The System is the disease causing all the symptoms.

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The Symptoms of the disease are everywhere. It is Representative Government, which all nations have in one form or another. From a constitutional parliamentary monarchy to the totalitarian dictatorships and Republic with its senators, legislators, presidents and other such representatives. Every nation has a group or groups of few trying to rule instead of serving the people. That is what government are suppose to do, serve the people all of them.  Representative Government, invented back when the moon was a Deity, is a problem today. For it causes the majority to have no representation on matters of Government. Everyone was born with the ability to represent themselves. You did not get a representative to ask for food, no, you did that yourself, with no knowledge of the language, except that of a newborn. Yet this right to represent yourself in all matters was taken from you long before you were born by the system of Representative Government.
You have to bow, grovel, beg and have vast political or social or economic or military power to get government to represent you on any matter brought before government to a vote.
No matter who is on the throne or in power in government this will continue unless someone is there with the express view to change the system of Representative government so that your right you were born with, to represent yourself in all matters is restored to you. That is what Democracy is. A system of Government where every voter represents themselves on all matters of government by voting on all that government wants to do. This system can be implemented with the electronic communications we have today for far cheaper than it was to bail out the banks years ago.

Petition: 1% of all military budgets for space!

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The Calculus of Conflict in the Middle East

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1% of all nations military budgets put towards space colonization and exploitation would be an excellent way to help stop one of the root causes of refugees, which is war.

iMFdirect - The IMF Blog

Lagarde.2015MDPORTRAIT4_114x128By Christine Lagarde

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As world leaders head to New York this week for the United Nations General Assembly, there is still no end to the heart-breaking images of war-torn cities in the Middle East and North Africa, and of a massive exodus of people looking for sanctuary and opportunities to sustain a livelihood.

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Jet engine contrails are a myth. They are all CHEMTRAILS.

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Cars have muffles and catalytic converters. Jets don’t. CHEMTRAILS is what all jet engines produce. Every Day over 5 million barrels of Jet fuel plus additives are mixed with about 250 million barrels of air and that toxic chemical mixture is spewed into the air at approx. 900 degrees celsius. jet engine contrails are like Unicorns, a Myth. So stop lying that burned Jet fuel is good for me and the planet, it isn’t.
Additives such as: Biocides, antistatic agents, corrosion inhibitors, 3,6-Dioxa-1-heptanol; Diethyleneglycol monomethyl ether; Glycol Ether DM and other various chemcials are mixed with air and jet fuel then burned and spewed right into the air at 900 degrees celsious. Jet fuel is complex hydrocarbon chains with sulfer, nitrogen and some heavy metals in it.
Air “Air is a mixture of gases, 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen with traces of water vapor, carbon dioxide, argon, and various other componentshttps://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/airprop.html

It is not just water vapor as some lie. All those chemicals mixed up and burned at over 900 degrees celsious and spewed into the air isn’t good for anyone or anything but oily banksters with shares in airlines and their lying sockpuppets.

Look at the Full Moon some say its filled with aliens!

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Full moon blurry in the dusk tinged winter skies haze.
Only a dozen of us have walked upon it.
Once thought to be a Goddess.
Or made of green cheese.
Western lore said man in moon.
Eastern said Rabbit.
Science says similar to a planet but smaller,
Orbiting a planet, ours.
Makes it Earths moon.
Managed wisely it can support billions of humans.
Which is a lot of aliens
As humans are native to Earth.

Democracy=Every voter voting on all Gov. wants to do.

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Democracy is every voter voting on all that government wants to do. Anything else is representative government of some form or another and is the system of slavery that every nation has. For representative government enslaves the many to the few. Many slaves though, still argue that slaves do not deserve the freedom to represent themselves. In elections these slaves will say, with flowery prose that will make you want to beg for a whipping that the current Master whips the slaves decently or such and such Master will whip the slaves differently.Instead of voting for freedom, which is changing the system to Democracy. Democracy is where every voter votes on all that government wants to do and no one is ever enslaved to a master to represent them ever again.

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