Welcome to the Blog of Dave Dowling.

Email: votedavedowling@hotmail.com if you have questions or would like Dave Dowling to appear or speak at your event.

Dave Dowling has stood in 6 elections to try and change things for the better. 1 provincial election for MLA in Edmonton Goldbar. 2 Federal elections for MP. 3 civic elections for Mayor of Edmonton.



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  1. At least there is content here, unlike other candidates web sites. I doubt if you could even spend 5 minutes reading at some of those other sites, there is so little there.

    Grammer, spelling mistakes and typos are all things that I am very proud of. I use no spell checker, nor do I have a paid Editor, nor do I employ a speech writer, as some do, when they really have nothing to offer but glossy adds.

    I also have disability problems with my one hand that makes it so I make many mistakes.

    Which is more important, the typoos or the message? If it is the typoos, then I suggest, you cast your vote away on someone else…….

  2. I write what I write, with typoos galore I do not check everything I write to make the negative filled spelling nutzies happy. I also speak most excellent, I do not even need a microphone. So I really have no idea what you are whining and groaning about. I suggest if the typoos are too much for your opinion, go elsewhere and read content at another web site.

    p.s. I put this site up to inform people. Not for negative filled people to whine and rant about typoos, while they miss the message at this site, which is: the World needs change now. I suggest all the people that want to post their whines and rants here, go set up your own site and fill it with your whines and rants on typoos.

    Because from now on, I will not only delete them here, but mark them as spam…

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