Fake News.

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Image0057Truth > opinion and an excellent education system enables people to know the difference. Media should be giving people the information that lets the people make their own informed decision and not try to make that decision for the people. . .
When the media because of corporate ownership or government control tries to make that decision for the people, its not news, it is propaganda. Too many media trying to push propaganda is what has caused the fake news cries everywhere.
I know so because I experienced it in the elections I was a Candidate in. Constantly and consistently the media would name call, attempt to insult and lie about
Canadidate’s their corporate owners did not favor. Instead of presenting to the voters the evidence, they would present their opinions as truth. It was so bad that in one election where I was a Candidate, I cancelled all my media subscriptions after walking out of a televised debate. If Media do not like being labeled as Fake news, then they should stop acting like they are. And get back to actually informing the people instead of trying to control the people for their corporate owners and government masters.


Edmonton and Alberta Civic elections

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voting station

As People in Edmonton and Alberta go to the polls to vote as they are allowed to every 1/4 generation for their mayors, councilors and school board trustees: their representatives. Representatives  who are suppose to represent them on all matters of government, because allowing the people to do so themselves is not allowed nor in the majority of candidates platforms.
Democracy, which is actually every voter voting on all that government wants to do is the real change needed. For I predict no matter whom is elected, the status quo will not change. For taxes are the most addictive thing there is.
Once governments have them taxes established, they do not give them up. Usually they increase taxes. And usually they will send armed to the teeth umm people to “collect” those taxes if you refuse to pay them.
So go vote and feel like you actually have a say in your representative government once those representatives are elected. , but please, do not try to tell me your delusion that our representative government, which all nations have in one form or another is Democracy, when it isn’t in any way, shape or form. Its representative government, your voting for representatives in what looks to be a Democratic way. When it isn’t.¬† It is done in a representative way, for there is no Democracy anywhere on this planet.
For more on Democracy click here.

The Revolution:

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DSC02356The Revolution will be televised and youtubed and facebooked and wordpressed and  twittered and broadcasted old school style by word of mouth. Again and again and again and again. As it already is. The Revolution is about the self evident truth that changing the system of Representative Government which ever nation has in one form or another to Democracy, which is every voter voting on all that government wants to do is excellent.
You were born with this awesome ability to represent yourself on all matters, but it was taken from you long before you were born by the system of representative government we all have. It’s time you had this fundamental freedom back in your hands where it truly belongs.

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