The Revolution:

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DSC02356The Revolution will be televised and youtubed and facebooked and wordpressed and  twittered and broadcasted old school style by word of mouth. Again and again and again and again. As it already is. The Revolution is about the self evident truth that changing the system of Representative Government which ever nation has in one form or another to Democracy, which is every voter voting on all that government wants to do is excellent.
You were born with this awesome ability to represent yourself on all matters, but it was taken from you long before you were born by the system of representative government we all have. It’s time you had this fundamental freedom back in your hands where it truly belongs.

Marijuana and the court precedents

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Marijuana and the court precedents show that the Liberal government needs to:
1 Make sure people can grow it at home.
2 Make sure the laws allow people to make extracts and other such consumable products from it.
3 Make sure there is a legal system for them to purchase such if they do not want to or can not grow it or make those edibles themselves.
4 Ensure that the laws protect the consumer from over zealot law enforcement.
In My Opinion they should also expunge the records of any conviction for any marijuana law and put some tax dollars into starting some hemp industry in Canada.


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Paris 2 017 A parting shot of Notre-Dame
Continuous bombing of a Nation doesn’t stop terrorism as Britain showed in ww2. After 3 years of just being bombed, they went on to help win ww2.
Making villains of refugees fleeing terrorists and corrupt regimes as Nazi’s did, so warmongering for war can be done is not how terrorism is stopped either. That is even less effective than just bombing, as over 99% of terrorists are born in the nation they terrorize.  A few posed as tourists or were government black ops.

Rights and freedoms for everyone and participation in open government by democratic means. Economic, social and educational opportunities with such things as free schooling for all, and government backed work projects that actually accomplish things. This and more such good and excellent ways is how Japan, Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world recovered from WW2. Such is still needed in parts of the world today.

The hair issue, Tom and Justins is nice, but is the con wearing a wig?

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Wig evidence

Mobility of citizens 6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

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No image of food or video of cute animals, just text.
The wretched con leader of the fascist party wants to shred the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms up. For it has a Liberal signature on it forever.  That charter says All Canadians have a right to refuse a government approved travel nanny. Anyone that can read English or French can see that. One reason for that Charter is that Charter was put there to specifically stop tyrants from taking away rights and freedoms for election fear mongering or sick twisted core fascist party beliefs
Here it is section six of the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Mobility Rights
Marginal note:Mobility of citizens

6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

As anyone who knows how to pour a glass of milk knows, there is no limiting clause in that. Nothing at all saying only by who and to where the prime nanny of Canada says. Anyone who has seen pigs eating num nums from a taxpayer bought trough can see there is no limiting clause in that, nothing saying only by who and to where the prime nanny of Canada says.….”
Hopefully some of the first victims of the Kevlar clad government thugs enforcing a new sentence added to the Charter and declared terrorist sites are the accompanist media that were used like a knife by a murderer to illegally terrorize Canada into voting to give up the Rights and Freedoms of All of Canada. Impartiality is one thing, stand idly by while evil flourishes is something else. Butt to actually be the knife of terror used by the terrorist to commit the evil act is a crime, a crime against humanity In My Opinion.

Canada election Leaders debate.

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Justin Trudeau won the first leaders debate by showing he is ready. He stayed on topic, showed he could verbally dish out uppercuts, jabs and left hooks, while also having an excellent defense at the same time . Justin’s opening and closing remarks were worthy of a Prime Minister. Elizabeth May and Tom Mulcair also did excellent in the debate showing they also are really PM material.  but not as good as the Liberal party Leader did. IMO the undecided and waffling party members will migrate to the Liberal, green and NDP party. All three leaders did an excellent job of exposing the horrors of the last 10 years, which were defended with lies, fear-mongering, attacks, and all sorts of other negativity, as expected. . .
If you don’t know who lost the debate by now, that is probably because your probably voting for it. . . .

Song dedicated to the Canada con leader!

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song about the Canada con leader!

Harpers Campaign Manager

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Fearmongering, lies, bribes, abuse, attacks and of course an army of online trolls and more negativity show the picture don’t lie. Visit to make sure you are registered to vote!

Harper campaign manager

Harper campaign manager

Militarized police. . .

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“What he did was wrong. What he did was inexcusable,” but he did not deserve to be burned in an oven. . .

Paris 2 276 Bastille, Colonne   de Juiooet, those who died 1There is no death sentence in Edmonton, Alberta or Canada. He should of been arrested, and hauled into court.
That is how justice is suppose to work in Canada, The police arrest the person, whose guilt or innocence is determined by a judge or jury or judge and jury. If found Guilty, then and only then is a sentence given. Painting a depressed person as a terrorist with a lengthy criminal record when he has none and is no terrorist is wrong.

Instead of using the deaths of 2 people as an excuse to militarize the police even more, perhaps instead an inquest should be made into how no one else is murdered or burned alive from warrants for arrest being served to people. . . .

Alberta is a NDP province, among other things.

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Image0226 Alberta is not just billionaires owning oil companies. Alberta is a multicultural province with all kinds of diversity amongst its people. For a politician to say that Alberta is not a NDP province shows that politician and his party has at the most only fear mongering and debt, while Norway has a trillion dollars. Looks like discriminating jim is doing some discriminating, saying Alberta is not this and not that, while defending his ministers been found guilty of exploiting people for sex, saying such is a fine person to stand for election in Alberta. Next he will probably be saying Alberta isn’t a province for the poor, the sick the injured, the unable to work or foster kids. Or maybe he will say Alberta is not for those that question bad government polices, and not for those that speak out against wretched government decisions like making the word strike outlawed.
I wonder if he despises elections as much as he has shown he despises the good people of Alberta with his rancid buffalo pie drippings from his chin?

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