The Revolution:

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DSC02356The Revolution will be televised and youtubed and facebooked and wordpressed and  twittered and broadcasted old school style by word of mouth. Again and again and again and again. As it already is. The Revolution is about the self evident truth that changing the system of Representative Government which ever nation has in one form or another to Democracy, which is every voter voting on all that government wants to do is excellent.
You were born with this awesome ability to represent yourself on all matters, but it was taken from you long before you were born by the system of representative government we all have. It’s time you had this fundamental freedom back in your hands where it truly belongs.

Is it time for Alberta to spend the heritage trust fund?

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Premier Notley and the NDP Majority government; Is it time for Alberta to spend those Billions? In My Opinion, yes! With the low oil prices driving down the share prices in oil corporations, Alberta could nationalize the Oil industry in Alberta, by buying up all those corporations at record low stock prices. This would free up vast sums of capital for the business people to invest in diversifying the Alberta and Canada economy.
Oil Corporation stock prices may never be so low. Now is the time for the government to really go in debt on a massive scale and buy it all up.
If oil goes up in price again, the government will have a massive beyond belief profit.
It’s a win win spend spend situation time for the people, corporations and government.

Marijuana and the court precedents

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Marijuana and the court precedents show that the Liberal government needs to:
1 Make sure people can grow it at home.
2 Make sure the laws allow people to make extracts and other such consumable products from it.
3 Make sure there is a legal system for them to purchase such if they do not want to or can not grow it or make those edibles themselves.
4 Ensure that the laws protect the consumer from over zealot law enforcement.
In My Opinion they should also expunge the records of any conviction for any marijuana law and put some tax dollars into starting some hemp industry in Canada.

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Are those foul mouthed Hecklers associated with Ezrant in any way shape or form?

Freedom of the press is not about who can and can not interview whomever. It’s about what you can and not say in the media, and if someone besides the editor is telling those reporters what to report.

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Image0057 Freedom of the press is not about who can and can not interview whomever. It’s about what you can and not say in the media, and if someone besides the editor is telling those reporters what to report.

What is a media person who we would name a reporter working for a major media company? Is a person allowed to determine who will interview them and if they want to give an interview? Are government people allowed to determine where, when and who can interview them or must they be forced to be interviewed by anyone who claims to be a reporter covering the event? What exactly is freedom of the press?
Is anyone with a blog or camera a journalist, who should be allowed into the press gallery of any media event?
In My Opinion:
Everyone has the freedom to say; no you are not invited.
Anyone can be a journalist or reporter, all you need to be so is the will to want to be there at the event. After all it is 2016.
There should be criteria met to show one is a journalist there to cover the event for a media outlet, perhaps an accrediting place such as has.
At some events there is a time and place at the event where the public who want a picture or video or to ask a question or something for the blog can do so.
Do people have the freedom to demand the government open press only events up to the general public so they can get a image, sound byte, video or something else to partially trash them with on their blog? Of course people have that freedom, just as the government of the day always has the freedom to say no, your not invited.
Freedom of the press is not about who can and can not interview whomever. It’s about what you can and not say in the media, and if someone besides the editor is telling those reporters what to report.

Rona Outrage should resign.

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Xmas TreeRona Outrage was outraged at the Supreme Court of Canada saying Canadians have a right to use Cannabis, which the Liberal Majority will legalize. This total lack of dignified respect for the Supreme Court of Canada and Canadians shows she is not fit to lead anything. Again she should resign for trying to say 4 years as a non elected by the party members is temporary. Again she should resign for not letting card carrying party members vote on her outrage of calling 4 years temporary. Plus the Outraged one was in cabinet when the cost of the ships was revealed, she either knew the true costs or was willfully ignorant and lied to Canada about the costs. The outraged one should resign, retire and allow a bye-election to take place so a worthy Canadian is found to replace all that outrage.

Last PM of Canada’s legacy=Hiding in a closet. . . What will Trudeau’s be?

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DSC01704Canada’s New Government. A Liberal Majority there for the next 4 years. The throne speech shows what most of the governments agenda is, with the positive change they will bring to Canada on behalf of the people of Canada. They have already brought some positive change into Canada politics with some of their early announcements. If they do a good or better job, the Canada voters may vote them into power again in four long years. Which will be long indeed for the few who will disagree with the Liberal Majority no matter what they do.
Democracy, which is every voter voting on all that government wants to do is the Democratic change needed that favors all the people and not just the party implementing the change. Every voter voting on all that government wants to do is better than senate reform, superior to preferential ballot and far far better than proportional representation.
With Democracy, every voter voting on all that government wants to do, Governments have a much harder time trying to rule the people and instead spend a majority of the time serving the people as they are suppose to do. This is the major reason why no major political party is for it or has it in their platform.  Instead they all want a change in the system that favors their political party instead of favoring all the people of Canada as Democracy described does.


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A lot of stuff that is thrown out can be recycled. If everything was recycled it would be great. What would be better is if nothing was thrown out, which will take humanity a fair bit of time to achieve if we ever do. Air pollution is harmful to all peoples health. Historical levels of particulates in the air(pre-1800) have been around 200 parts per million. In 2014 there was 400 parts per million and climbing of particulates in the air. This shows Humanity has 200 part per  million of various compounds into the air. Most of it causes nasty health problems for all humans.
Those pollution levels can be lowed to humans adding zero pollution with technology and should be. The sooner it is done the better it will be for all.


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Paris 2 017 A parting shot of Notre-Dame
Continuous bombing of a Nation doesn’t stop terrorism as Britain showed in ww2. After 3 years of just being bombed, they went on to help win ww2.
Making villains of refugees fleeing terrorists and corrupt regimes as Nazi’s did, so warmongering for war can be done is not how terrorism is stopped either. That is even less effective than just bombing, as over 99% of terrorists are born in the nation they terrorize.  A few posed as tourists or were government black ops.

Rights and freedoms for everyone and participation in open government by democratic means. Economic, social and educational opportunities with such things as free schooling for all, and government backed work projects that actually accomplish things. This and more such good and excellent ways is how Japan, Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world recovered from WW2. Such is still needed in parts of the world today.

Canada political dynasties.

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Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau

Dynasties seam to be a thing in Canada politics. Just in Alberta one ended after 44 years. And Just in Canada one ended after 10 years. With the provincial election results in Alberta and Canada this year it looks like Alberta could have at least 20 years of NDP government as there is no premier material in the wildcons, who will need at least 10 years to rebuild the fractured right in Alberta into a party with something to offer Alberta besides “NO MORE TAXES! ” as was their political slogan they still keep repeating.
And Canada looks like it will have Liberal governments for at least the next 10 years. As the federal conservatives have lost their power base in Alberta and seam to have no one in the party who is a pot smoking youngster with nice hair who knows a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian and has a father who was in politics, to lead them to election victory. Nor will their platform of “Niqab” get them elected in 4 years as Canada has outright rejected that. Nor will the brother of the Toronto crack king ever con Canada into electing him as Prime minister. In fact looking at the potential candidates for leader of the cons party, they all would drive the cons down in the polls if elected leader, just as their election loser leader did and will continue to do. The best thing for the conservatives would be his retirement and a by-election in Calgary. Then the real conservatives can purge the niqabers from the party and take the next 10 years to rebuild into something Canada may be interested in.
In My Opinion a NDP government in Alberta and a Liberal government in Ottawa for at least the next 10 years would be excellent for Alberta and Canada. If they could harness all the BS coming from the sore election losers, there would be enough fertilizer to grow food for a 100 years, and that would end hunger in Canada and lower greenhouse gases!

To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada.
1 Repeal Cannabis Prohibition.
2 Free the jailed.
3 Expunge the records of the convicted.
Then debate real laws into existence for commercial products that protect the consumer, not protect corporate profits. Laws similar to the laws governing organic coffee beans that make sure consumers are getting safe products to consume and explicitly based upon the 2003 Senate Report recommendations.

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