Fake News.

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Image0057Truth > opinion and an excellent education system enables people to know the difference. Media should be giving people the information that lets the people make their own informed decision and not try to make that decision for the people. . .
When the media because of corporate ownership or government control tries to make that decision for the people, its not news, it is propaganda. Too many media trying to push propaganda is what has caused the fake news cries everywhere.
I know so because I experienced it in the elections I was a Candidate in. Constantly and consistently the media would name call, attempt to insult and lie about
Canadidate’s their corporate owners did not favor. Instead of presenting to the voters the evidence, they would present their opinions as truth. It was so bad that in one election where I was a Candidate, I cancelled all my media subscriptions after walking out of a televised debate. If Media do not like being labeled as Fake news, then they should stop acting like they are. And get back to actually informing the people instead of trying to control the people for their corporate owners and government masters.


Edmonton and Alberta Civic elections

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voting station

As People in Edmonton and Alberta go to the polls to vote as they are allowed to every 1/4 generation for their mayors, councilors and school board trustees: their representatives. Representatives  who are suppose to represent them on all matters of government, because allowing the people to do so themselves is not allowed nor in the majority of candidates platforms.
Democracy, which is actually every voter voting on all that government wants to do is the real change needed. For I predict no matter whom is elected, the status quo will not change. For taxes are the most addictive thing there is.
Once governments have them taxes established, they do not give them up. Usually they increase taxes. And usually they will send armed to the teeth umm people to “collect” those taxes if you refuse to pay them.
So go vote and feel like you actually have a say in your representative government once those representatives are elected. , but please, do not try to tell me your delusion that our representative government, which all nations have in one form or another is Democracy, when it isn’t in any way, shape or form. Its representative government, your voting for representatives in what looks to be a Democratic way. When it isn’t.  It is done in a representative way, for there is no Democracy anywhere on this planet.
For more on Democracy click here.

The Revolution:

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DSC02356The Revolution will be televised and youtubed and facebooked and wordpressed and  twittered and broadcasted old school style by word of mouth. Again and again and again and again. As it already is. The Revolution is about the self evident truth that changing the system of Representative Government which ever nation has in one form or another to Democracy, which is every voter voting on all that government wants to do is excellent.
You were born with this awesome ability to represent yourself on all matters, but it was taken from you long before you were born by the system of representative government we all have. It’s time you had this fundamental freedom back in your hands where it truly belongs.

Canada Election results Explained.

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Congratulations to

Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Majority Liberal Party of Canada Government. Canada did in fact Canada up to elect change for the nation. It would of been even more change, but the cons were semi-lucky to be the official opposition due to vote splitting. Vote splitting caused more cons to be elected than there should of been and less NDP. Once again, over 50% of Canada is under represented in Parliament because the System of Representative government is the problem. Democracy, where everyone votes on all that government wants to do is what is needed.
Hopefully The change  from the election is positive and as good for the nation as it looks.
IMO the vote for the Liberals happened due to their Platform with Cannabis legalization and the freedom of communication on the internet, due to the fact the media is only as Liberal as its conservative owners allow.

Election prediction.

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Paris 2 278 Bottom of Colonne de Juillet
The party in power can change, but problems will continue. For the system of Representative Government is the problem. It is an archaic scavenger left over from the age of Barbarianism. Voting every 1/4 generation or so for a “representative” is Savagery not Democracy. Democracy is every voting voting on all that government want to do and is the change needed for the system of government to truly work for all the people as it is suppose to.   For more on Democracy click here.

Election a week away, WATCH OUT FOR CON SPITTLE !

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A week to go, the not fit to govern right winged cons will be drooling the con spittle by the mug full all over. Watch out for vile fear mongering, tax bribing, anger, hatred, and blaming the end of the world on a change in government, in a pathetic attempt to con you into voting for the cons who are not fit to govern.
On Issue after issue, criminal con after criminal con, the cons have shown they are not fit to govern. Their platform of angry hate if you do not agree with their “Billionaires need more and the people need less” platform, will be splatting all over as they are down in the polls and fear the Strategic Voters who number over 60% and want change.
Even the conservatives are voting for the best non-con candidate as they know cons belong behind bars and not in government!

Real conservatives need to Canada up and vote NDP or Liberal.

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109-0909_IMGConservatives should Canada up and vote Liberal or NDP this election because at http://www.cbc.ca/news or http://www.ctvnews.ca/ or even facebook and other places on the internet you can see how the fundamentalist core of the cons spew vile angry hatred all over. This is happening for the con leader has no real platform to offer Canada. Somehow, cons took over the conservative party and turned it into the cons. The con leader has shown no leadership on the economy with 150 Billion debt for do nothing action plan adds, online troll armies, spin doctors and 3 fear mongering messages per week. Plus a 70 something cent dollar, 9 deficits, 2 recessions, and the worst economic performance since WW2. Remember the missing 3.1 Billion? A trade agreement to protect foreign corporate profits, not the Canada consumer.

On Law and Order, so many of his inner circle members have been in jail, in front of the courts, waiting to go to court, combined with his wanting to bring in illegal legislation after illegal legislation that has been struck down by the courts that he has shown less than no respect for those courts show he has no leadership what so ever in reducing crime or on law and order. His stance on the senate is atrocious, verging on barbaric. Bill C-51 is just as Savage. C-24 is from 1933 Germany, which is what you should fear.

On protecting Canada he has another epic failure with military expenditures of epic size on an epic failure of a jet, and has also failed Veterans and the enlisted soldiers again and again and again. Cons are bombing civilians and hospitals for electioneering purposes, while ignoring the plight of millions of refugees caused by the bombings. Ships that are not been built, troops without the proper equipment for the jobs they are there to do. The cons have treated the military barbarically, trashed the international reputation of Canada. The above is just what I thought of in a couple of minutes, You can google for a lot more and in depth details too.

And that was all before this Election. Is the cons leaderless election platform of angry hatred, vile racism, and natzi era fear mongering to distract you from their main platform plank of “Billionaires need more, you need less” something you really want to vote for? Look in the tainted reflection on the liquid in the Mug conservatives and you will see that it is telling you conservatives it is time to Canada up and Vote for Liberals or NDP. Yes vote for which ever is the strongest non-con Candidate in your riding, For cons belong behind bars, not in government.


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Yes indeed. To protest the angry hate, vile racism, natzi era fear mongering and epic failures of the not fit to govern gang of criminal cons PROTEST on OCT 19 2015 MONDAY at any voting station! Make sure you have a government issued ID with your picture and address on it to protest. This is Canada wide, and the biggest protest ever! Millions are expected to show up and vote for the best non-conservative Candidate in their area. Even conservatives are voting for the non-con Candidate as most real conservatives know that cons are not fit to govern. . .

How to be a patriot and Defend Mighty Canada.

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DSC01672Strategic voting is where 67% of Canada vote for the country, not the party, which is the best of the NDP/Liberal Candidate running in your riding. Anything else is splitting the vote for more cons. That is how Canada is defended as overpriced under performing jets run out of gas sooner. If the engine doesn’t quit first because of the extreme cold it was not designed for. I would recommend that conservatives also do it for the country and vote for someone else this election as the cons there now have so many epic failures on issue after issue they are not fit to govern.

The hair issue, Tom and Justins is nice, but is the con wearing a wig?

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Wig evidence

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