I am Dave Dowling and I have been a Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton. On my website, votedavedowling.wordpress.com I have some good excellent solutions for poverty and the environment and other issues I Dave Dowling consider important. Fiscal responsibility is what I Dave Dowling have now been talking about for 3 civic elections. I Dave Dowling suppose, because you are busy with other things in life,  the hundreds of thousands of dollars of glossy adds in the various media with all the bells and whistles are more interesting for all of you. I Dave Dowling have proposed always that core services should come first, then issues like poverty, the environment and after all that , then the white elephant legacy projects.
I Dave Dowling believe  anything over a certain amount of money that is non-core services, or a city owned item over a certain amount been sold should be put to a vote, with clear questions. This would possibly help eliminate waste, and the selling off of prime city owned assets, and give you more voting power not less.

For less voting power seams to be what some want all to have, instead of more voting power, like I , Dave Dowling have always proposed. I Dave Dowling have proposed internet voting before. I Dave Dowling have constantly said that we need more democratic reform in all directions. Polls open longer, at better locations, and even an image of the candidate on the ballot. Better candidate financing laws, with more realistic donation levels and spending levels. Equal media access for candidates, with notice if it is a paid add, is some of the democratic reform I Dave Dowling believe in. For the elected are there to serve you the people.

Free bus passes, help for fixed income people, help with housing, less taxes  are all things I Dave Dowling have constantly proposed, and it is good to see other candidates having similar proposals in their platforms.  Hard work can pay off, even if one is not elected. Nor does one need hundreds of thousands of dollars. All one needs is the skills of a leader ready to serve. .
I Dave Dowling have enviro-vision campaigned like a leader. I, Dave Dowling am using a web blog as a campaign headquarters thereby respecting the environment. I, Dave Dowling know my vision is an excellent source of enviro-vision leadership that all of Canada would benefit from. I, Dave Dowling also know that poverty and cores services are always pressing issues and constantly need government attention from all levels of governments like leaders should know. I, Dave Dowling know information is important, so there is lots of it at my web site, and it has been there for a while, like a leader standing up for election should have. The world needs change for the better, pollution, poverty, loss of natural environment, and other pressing issues all need people like me Dave Dowling who understand and can work with others to help solve issues like leaders should. 

 I, Dave Dowling also know to lead is to serve all the people, not just those that voted for them. Dave Dowling is 50 years old and has stood as a Candidate in 5 previous elections, one provincial election for MLA where Dave Dowling stood against Hugh MacDonald in Edmonton Goldbar. Dave Dowling has also stood up for election in two federal elections for MP against Rahim Jaffer in Edmonton Strathcona. Dave Dowling has also stood up for election in the last 3 civic elections for Mayor of Edmonton, to help change things for the better.

 Edmontonians is for who Dave Dowling stands as a candidate in elections. Dave Dowling does so by presenting to Edmonton a state of the art top of the line platform complete with fiscal prudence proven by the 2007 elections candidate campaign expenses form and the 2010 Candidate Campaign expenses form.

Dave Dowling was born in Edmonton, and has lived in the excellent city of Edmonton for 47 years, and knows a bit about the city of Edmonton, Capital of  the Strong and Free nation of Alberta, a member of a confederation of nations named Canada.

Dave Dowling likes nature, trees, and such, books, the internet, good commercial free movies and good music, believes in good things like God, democracy, freedoms and rights and the ability for all to enjoy Quality of Life.

I, Dave Dowling am using this excellent free blog service of wordpress.com, as it is free, and easy to use, there is links to it all over every page, I do my own work, which is why the typos are here and there, for that I apologize if such things offend you. You may of or might see me around Edmonton. I Dave Dowling rely on the “integritty” of the  impartiality of the Media to give you the voter the choice, and to not make it for you. That is what Democracy is all about, where you make the choice on who represents you.

I Dave Dowling Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

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