Evolution of a Digital Drawing by Dave

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sun and clouds ascension


#updated #Digital #art #drawing about #politics #religion #philosophy #Truth and #life on how #reaching #up for the #light is #better than #stooping #down for the #dark.

From the #Truths of #Scientific #Theism the Truth of Truths.

Reaching up to strive to be intelligent sentient beings is far better than stooping down to savagery and barbarianism of human. For human can be more, human can be intelligent, sentient striving to grasp those things that make up more than human such as the internet with free unfettered speech, no matter how diverse the opinion. For far better to hear than to make #disappear from a #consulate in a #foreign nation piece by bloody piece. One is to Reach, like a sentient intelligent being, up. The other is to stoop, down like a savage barbaric human.
Reaching is what we do. We usually stand when we do reach for a book, a light switch or a ripe pear hanging on a tree.


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