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space time
All the self evident Truths Humanity has observed and found means all of them, every single one. from the laws of Aerodynamics and chemical combustion to Planck’s constant and more. For more includes the Self evident Truths Humanity has not yet found. This graph is not my opinion; It is a fundamental truth of Space-Time written upon everything. There is no such thing as an open Universe that expands forever, People lie when they say there is. The Universe is closed and oscillating as this graph and all self evident truths show.  It was not a Corporation that wrote all these self evident truths such as the invariant speed of light upon everything for social media likes and up-votes. Nor was it government writing these self evident Truths upon everything such as the laws of thermodynamics for tax breaks for the people. Nor did those Truths write themselves. No indeed it was none of them. It was God itself that wrote those self evident truths upon everything that prove this graph is Truth. A “zero cause equation” does not work unless you factor in the infinite will, infinite power, infinite presence, infinite knowledge, infinite grace, infinite mercy and all the other infinite awesomeness God always has had, does have and always will have.
Science is not a Religion. Science is a tool we use to find those Self evident truths we can apply in our lives to make those miracles such as the internet and smiles.



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