Saudi Arabia is raised on Pork!

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aa protester

I pray I don’t disappear because of this post as Jamal Khashoggi did
Yes it is truth. All of #Saudi #Arabia is #eating #pork. For that is what Kings and sultans are. They are the unclean rancid meat that taints an entire nation no matter how much they uphold the pillars of Islam. For proof just look at how reporters are treated inside their consulates in Foreign Nations, or the oppression of the people of Saudi Arabia. Of how the Saudi King Treated Canada, a respected Nation,  friend and Allie of many. Allah fears no woman driver, nor does Allah fear you representing yourself. But the King of Saudi Arabia does. Allah needs no money, but the King of Saudi Arabia does.
Allah wrote truth upon everything that made it so you have the ability to represent yourself on all matters of government as Allah intended. Saudi could of made sure the people had this but did not.
Yes indeed, it is long overdue for Saudi Arabia to move on up to the future, after all it isn’t 1000 AD, it is 2018 and time.  Time for a #peaceful #change to the #halal  #peace of #democracy, the #Government of #Allah for #humans.  Allah grants #freedoms that #Kings #oppress  Ask Allah if you don’t believe me that Allah would rather you submit to Allah instead of Kings.
#Politics #news #philosophy #digital #art


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