Self Flying vehicles.

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large critters airships 2 New light as Air materials and flexible solar panels would #revolutionize travel except for the fact the few that are controlling and ruling all, fear the only way to  stop the fly in terrorist  with a nuke laden flying car flying in is with #missiles on every roof top. This is because they are controlling and ruling all instead of making sure Liberty and freedoms are in everyone’s life. Their security will be more important than your safety. Look at how they that try to control and rule all want you having just 3 rights. 1 Obey the TV. 2 Pay your taxes. 3 Bend over for the security forces when they tell you because they don’t ask. This is why there is attacks upon the fundamental principles of Justice where your presumed to be innocent with Rights, Freedoms and Liberties. Just look at China, facebook, twitter and others that shadowban, censor, delete, and ban people from the internet with no written decision from a real Judge in a real court. The court of Opinion is not a real court, its a leftover barbarian practice from the age of savagery when humans bought and sold humans. Which seams to be what some want.  Freedom is ever voter having Liberty to vote on all government wants to do.
#art #technology #flying #cars


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