Elections and Liberties.

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large critters aliens5b
Ninja Alien ready to defend its God given Liberties during elections. Ninja Alien  defends the God given Liberties to say and hear what you want during elections. Liberty to look at whatever you want to look at and to publish whatever during elections. Freedom to talk and listen to whoever, to do whatever and wherever during elections.
Liberty in whatever legal way you want to enjoy it during elections should not be infringed upon because the two faced political party wants their mouth piece, fake media doing the only influencing during elections by only showing you two faced political party snake oil which the following image shows how it is produced..
large critter 2 faced oil

Don’t drink the two faced snake oil! Be a Candidate for;
“Every voter having Liberty to vote on all government wants to do.”
In election after election until your nation is free with Liberty for all instead of just a select few.


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