It’s Virtual not flat!

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trump would say this
Of course Heaven is real. Science proves it so in the truth of truths Scientific Theism whose truths such as the Laws of thermodynamics are written upon everything.
Time Dilation which happens as objects approach the speed of light happens with relativity. For the photon at the speed of light time stops and it can appear everywhere at once, and possible everywhen at once creating this Virtual Reality on a photonic computer microchip, where the photon moving at the speed of light vibrates in a fractal manner this particle/wave duality in nature Universe into existence. quantum superposition, quantum entanglement, quantum states and other such inherit natures of matter, energy, space, time and this Universe on a macro and nano scale show so according to some.
The meme though says it all. If Heaven is real then this is a virtual reality. When the virtual is all there is then the virtual is an actual real reality.
Yes there is a God. The truths of Scientific theism prove it so beyond a shadow of doubt. These truths are written upon everything in this Universe by the one and only true and real God. Laws of thermodynamics, Laws of gravity, E=mc^2, eulers constant, planks constant and others such real truths that science has found, is finding and will find prove are these truths written by the one and only true and real God itself upon everything.
Flat earthers or flat-tards as some name them should get out of the stone age and go to school and pass grade 4. For the Greeks showed over 1500 years ago the Earth is spherical in shape before its flat.
And if its not spherical in shape then its Virtual with a Virtual roundish pattern to it. And chances are its more virtual than spherical or flat.



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  1. Did you learn that (the Earth is spherical) from a book?

    • No, I learned the earth is almost perfectly spherical in shape from the empirical evidence of verifiable repeatable observations, verifiable repeatable experimentation’s and the circumstantial evidence of other peoples reports of the same.
      With a lot of things one must throw the opinions out the door and stick to the real truths so they can know what the truth is, as Truth > opinion.

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