Truths self evidentness

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Truth defends. Itself eternally. By always being there no matter what or whose opinion says different. Godly uttered upon everything. Interlinked like an Castled intricate army of Death incarnate it slays all opinions. Truth is greater than opinion. It always has been and always will be. Those self evident Truths  that are written upon everything by God itself, such as Laws of thermodynamics, E=mc^2, eulers constant and ohms law to name just a few of a vast vast many are always there. They are what truly enables the opinions to be. And those same truths show that God made sure all voters were born with the God given Liberty to vote on all government wants to do. A freedom that was stolen from everyone long before they were born by the system of Representative government, which all nations have in one form or another. Liberty to vote on al government wants to do. At one time you could only whisper that to yourself, in a deep dark hole, out in the middle of nowhere, only to yourself or the Kings men would hear. And they would have you shadow banned, banned, censored. Then you would be drawn and quartered with your head mounted on a pike in from of government center where the stink of the rotting flesh would worn others not to dream, think, talk or whisper of Liberty to vote on all that government wants to do. Every voter having Liberty to vote on all government wants to do. An actual real truth written upon everything by the actual real God itself.


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