The best tasting snake oil

September 16, 2018 at 9:33 pm | Posted in election, election results, elections, legislature, Politics, Questions, Quotabull, Religion, Serve and Protect, Stuff for sale!, the vote, Truth, Uncategorized, vote | 1 Comment
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large critter 2 faced oil

Two Faced political party Snake oil is the tastiest. The drawing shows how it is produced. Look at the color of it, it looks tastier than meat flavored cold pressed virgin Olive Oil.  You should know because you’ve drank lots of it. Fake News serves it all day long so you vote for controlled and ruled the 2 faced political party. Instead of being a Patriot to your own God Given Liberty to Vote on all Government wants to do,  most will guzzle the two faced snake oil by the barrel full and share tall tall tales of it with co-workers around the coffee table. It’s easy to see the majority are drunk on the two faced political party snake oil by how they lie there is a difference between the two faced political party.
If only there was real Patriots to be Candidates in Elections, with only one thing and only one thing on their platform “You deserve your God Given Liberty to Vote on all Government wants to do.”


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