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Paris 2 105 CanonCensorship is something we all do ourselves by reading or not reading, looking or not looking. listening or not listening. Humans have been doing their own censorship since before we were humans.
Self censorship is a God given ability we are born with.
Wanting to censor others is something else. It is a sign of thin skin, a sobbing baby that can’t handle others having rights, freedom or speech or control of their own nose, ears or eyes. Although I have often disagreed with what people have said or say, I have never wanted to reach down their throat and squeeze their vocal cords to dust in a fit of angry rage Nor have I ever wanted to  pluck out their eyes so they don’t see something.
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me. ” seams to be something not taught to those that want to squeeze peoples vocal cords to dust or pluck out someones eyes so they don’t read or see something. Censors are a minority, usually a vocal minority that like to censor others so they can scream in spittle flying rage at the top of their lungs at everyone in the village square.  Which is why there is common sense laws such as no screaming at the top of your lungs in the village square between the hours of 11pm to 7 am. And other such laws that deal with that which the people of the village don’t want. Usually those Laws respect the Freedoms, Liberties and rights which the one and only true and real God granted to all people.
I don’t need Big Tech corporations or governments of any kind or anyone or anything but me deciding what I can or can not do with those Liberties, Freedoms and Rights that God itself granted and gave to me and everyone. Its my Godly made Body and no one except The one and only true and real Almighty God itself and me has the right to tell me what I can or can not do with my own body.  I decide where my eyes look. I decide what my eyes read, and I decide what my ears hear. You have no right to plug my ears, blinder my eyes or stuff dirty rags up my nose so I don’t smell. It is my body, not yours or the governments or Big techs, no matter what law breaking small print they put on their website. They are my vocal cords, not yours. These are my fingers typing this, not yours, and my eyes that read it and my nose that can smell it and my ears that can hear it. You and no one else has any right whatsoever to tell me what my vocal cords, eyes or ear and nose can do except by the savage and barbaric act of committing violence upon another. I would consider such a grievous assault upon my person by a Godless criminal hell bent on trying to harm. It’s my Body, its my Life And I and God alone will be the only ones deciding what I smell, hear and look at and once in a while type or say.


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