World War Three (WW3)

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Censorship, Hate and Stupid will probably be the 3 main causes of WW3. With so much hate, intolerance and stupid in the world how will anyone survive The Upcoming savage and brutal World War Three? How does one survive it? Well here on this Blog I will give you the knowledge on how to survive WW3 which some say will be Hell on Earth.
World War Three(WW3) will be the nastiest war fought by humans. With almost one hundred thousand (100,000) Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, conventional weapons and space based weaponry WW3 will be most ugly.
In My Opinion there are 3 ways and only 3 ways to survive WW3. Way number One is to be in a deep underground level 5 bomb shelter that has filtered air water and food, electricity for decades and modern medical equipment for successful breeding. Second way to survive WW3 is to not be on Earth. Be in a secret  or covert military base based on the moon or mars or a deep space rocket craft carrier might let some survive WW3. Again In My Opinion the level of devastation from WW3 will be total, so the 3rd way and the best way to survive it is to pray to God that he takes you to heaven when the nuclear firestorms start. In Heaven you will be immune to the ravages of WW3 that will end humanity.


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