Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud should abdicate

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trudeauAbdicate Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud. Allah demands it. Then beg forgiveness of the 15,000 innocent students you forced to leave Canada, whom you should also get on your knees and beg for forgiveness from.  Then apologize to every person in Saudi Arabia whose reputation you have tarnished for at least 3 generations, with your sad and sorry sobbing and crying.  Then invite the United Nations in to  set up fair and free elections to replace your sorry arse.

Totalitarian dictators abusing their position of authority because their sob-baby opinion that they should be able to whip whatever member of a Canada family they want to whip was hurt.
Oh, you poor poor sobbing cry-baby. Throw some more temper tantrums and whine and moan in the media how Saudi has a divine right from Satan to not be criticized over anything by anyone other than Satan who you get on your knees and open your mouth wide for you mealy mouthed inbred fool.

Then come to Canada for 3 rounds in the ring with me you pretender. Disabled as I am, I will stomp a mud hole into your foul opinions with the truth like I have here on this blog you cowtard.

Allah shows that Saudi needs no King nor royalty to squander the peoples monies on dresses for the royal cry baby to sob into.  Saudi people deserve Democracy which is every voter voting on all government wants to do and they need it yesterday.
It is time for the people of the world to make sure Democracy is established in Saudi, the sooner the better for everyone.


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