Shadowbans, censoring and more!

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DSC03347I was a Candidate for the Marijuana Party of Canada in 2 Federal elections and had Victory without being elected. I was also a Candidate 3 times for Mayor of Edmonton, Canadas 5th largest city(Calgaryians would say 6th!)  One election I was even a Candidate for MLA in Edmonton Strathcona in the province of Alberta. I’ve written and published one of the most controversial books ever. I stand up for your liberty to vote on all government wants to do and point out how your a slave of your representative system of government that is there to control and rule you instead of making sure your have more freedoms and more Liberties and more rights. I am also physically disabled.

So I know what Having the jack booted-kevlar clad, machine gun welding,  government thugs kicking your door off its hinges to persecute, torture and rob you is. I know what persecution is. I know what having the government cut off your disability pay because they don’t like you is. I know what having your website hacked and deleted is. I know what police threatening is. I know what having Fake media lies about you is. I know what censoring is. I know what online threats are. I know what Doxing is. I know what bans are. I know what shadow banning is. I’m probably de-listed on searches I post such controversial truth and excellent pictures, articles and content. I know what trolls are, their spam, their rancid emails.

And I knew it all years if not decades before others started sobbing and crying all over social media about it. It is what totalitarian dictators do that do not want you voting on all that government wants to do. They despise Truth, hate Liberties and think anyone standing up for Liberty is not human.

Its a Banksters world and your not one of them. So expect what I posted and worse if you ever decide to compete against them in anything as I have.


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