Fake news and you

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Instead of informing you how to keep and have more rights and freedoms, Most News is fake media drama there to control and rule you for maximum corporate profit. Voting once, every 2 to 5 years is not Democracy. It is controlled and ruled.
Fake news and you
Long ago in the past news might of been there to inform the people, but now it is mostly fake media drama there to control and ruled you as pointed out in this blog post. There is real news about news and fake news. Real news is what happened in your day, your breakfast, how the family is, walking the pet etc. Real stuff filled with smiles. It is Not the fake media drama spoon fed to you so your controlled and ruled. For not too many would vote for all those commercials over and over again and again, enough and enough  times to make you ill. That is not news, it is a disease similar to fakebook taking your private data you yourself created, selling it to criminals everywhere, and giving you royalties of enough spam to make you sick. An out of control disease that voting on everything would rectify real fast. So for the sake of humanity, turn off the commercialism, complain to your elected officials about it. And get off the couch and be a Candidate for: “every voter voting on all that government wants to do. ” That is all you need for a real platform for real change that is for the better. The truth that every voter should vote on everything that government wants to do.


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