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VICTORY ! I was a Candidate two times in two elections for the Marijuana Party of Canada and was never elected, nor did the Marijuana Party of Canada ever elected any of its Candidates. Yet Victory is ours! With the Canada Government legalizing recreational Marijuana, allowing people to grow at least 4 plants and legal medical marijuana VICTORY is mine!
Not too many political parties or Candidates can claim victory without electing anyone, but I can and am! Thanks to Justin Trudeau whose place in history will be a good thing now.
VICTORY was not cheep, cheap, or easy and was costly beyond belief. Many were persecuted in the 90 year war against a plant by rabid prohibitionists that would smile when a Cannabis user was killed by police. And many were killed by prohibition. Many were robbed by the government of life, Liberty, Freedom, Rights, happiness, money, possessions, and locked up in jail with serial killers, rapists and worse and equated to the devil by fake media sock-puppets working for paycheck, not to inform the people.
I myself was beaten up, robbed, tortured and worse by my government in their nasty persecution of innocent people over the healthiest foods there is. For the mighty hemp sprout is the healthiest food there is and the mighty Cannabis seed is the second healthiest food there is. It was a war. a 90 year war here in Canada. A war still raging on in other nations. I am not sure what my rank would be as it was asymmetrical fought on all fronts by the underground, but I am sure I and others would need two chests to pin the medals on if our side was handing them out and it wasn’t.
We were not organized like most armies are. Nor were we well funded as most armies are, not were we well armed as most armies are. Instead we were the best armed, for we were and still are armed with the righteous truth that Hemp is the most beneficial to humans plant that there is. Over 4200 products can me made from the mighty hemp plant.
So as you help celebrate OUR VICTORY, pause for a moment or two to remember the innocent victims of Prohibition and the Heroic efforts of the common people that fought for Truth, righteousness and the children’s freedoms and rights to the healthiest food there is that has essential oils. Essential for brain and eye development in humans in the exact proportion our body needs them in we have been consuming it for so many tens of thousands of years.
Future generations will look back upon pot prohibition as the scourge harming all of humanity that it is, and they will see that I and others were on the correct side and stood up not just for our individual freedom, but for the freedoms of all humans everywhere. If more did such, the world would indeed be a better place.


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