Last PM of Canada’s legacy=Hiding in a closet. . . What will Trudeau’s be?

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DSC01704Canada’s New Government. A Liberal Majority there for the next 4 years. The throne speech shows what most of the governments agenda is, with the positive change they will bring to Canada on behalf of the people of Canada. They have already brought some positive change into Canada politics with some of their early announcements. If they do a good or better job, the Canada voters may vote them into power again in four long years. Which will be long indeed for the few who will disagree with the Liberal Majority no matter what they do.
Democracy, which is every voter voting on all that government wants to do is the Democratic change needed that favors all the people and not just the party implementing the change. Every voter voting on all that government wants to do is better than senate reform, superior to preferential ballot and far far better than proportional representation.
With Democracy, every voter voting on all that government wants to do, Governments have a much harder time trying to rule the people and instead spend a majority of the time serving the people as they are suppose to do. This is the major reason why no major political party is for it or has it in their platform.  Instead they all want a change in the system that favors their political party instead of favoring all the people of Canada as Democracy described does.


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