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Paris 2 017 A parting shot of Notre-Dame
Continuous bombing of a Nation doesn’t stop terrorism as Britain showed in ww2. After 3 years of just being bombed, they went on to help win ww2.
Making villains of refugees fleeing terrorists and corrupt regimes as Nazi’s did, so warmongering for war can be done is not how terrorism is stopped either. That is even less effective than just bombing, as over 99% of terrorists are born in the nation they terrorize.  A few posed as tourists or were government black ops.

Rights and freedoms for everyone and participation in open government by democratic means. Economic, social and educational opportunities with such things as free schooling for all, and government backed work projects that actually accomplish things. This and more such good and excellent ways is how Japan, Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world recovered from WW2. Such is still needed in parts of the world today.


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