Canada political dynasties.

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Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau

Dynasties seam to be a thing in Canada politics. Just in Alberta one ended after 44 years. And Just in Canada one ended after 10 years. With the provincial election results in Alberta and Canada this year it looks like Alberta could have at least 20 years of NDP government as there is no premier material in the wildcons, who will need at least 10 years to rebuild the fractured right in Alberta into a party with something to offer Alberta besides “NO MORE TAXES! ” as was their political slogan they still keep repeating.
And Canada looks like it will have Liberal governments for at least the next 10 years. As the federal conservatives have lost their power base in Alberta and seam to have no one in the party who is a pot smoking youngster with nice hair who knows a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian and has a father who was in politics, to lead them to election victory. Nor will their platform of “Niqab” get them elected in 4 years as Canada has outright rejected that. Nor will the brother of the Toronto crack king ever con Canada into electing him as Prime minister. In fact looking at the potential candidates for leader of the cons party, they all would drive the cons down in the polls if elected leader, just as their election loser leader did and will continue to do. The best thing for the conservatives would be his retirement and a by-election in Calgary. Then the real conservatives can purge the niqabers from the party and take the next 10 years to rebuild into something Canada may be interested in.
In My Opinion a NDP government in Alberta and a Liberal government in Ottawa for at least the next 10 years would be excellent for Alberta and Canada. If they could harness all the BS coming from the sore election losers, there would be enough fertilizer to grow food for a 100 years, and that would end hunger in Canada and lower greenhouse gases!

To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada.
1 Repeal Cannabis Prohibition.
2 Free the jailed.
3 Expunge the records of the convicted.
Then debate real laws into existence for commercial products that protect the consumer, not protect corporate profits. Laws similar to the laws governing organic coffee beans that make sure consumers are getting safe products to consume and explicitly based upon the 2003 Senate Report recommendations.


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