Canada Election results Explained.

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Congratulations to

Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Majority Liberal Party of Canada Government. Canada did in fact Canada up to elect change for the nation. It would of been even more change, but the cons were semi-lucky to be the official opposition due to vote splitting. Vote splitting caused more cons to be elected than there should of been and less NDP. Once again, over 50% of Canada is under represented in Parliament because the System of Representative government is the problem. Democracy, where everyone votes on all that government wants to do is what is needed.
Hopefully The change  from the election is positive and as good for the nation as it looks.
IMO the vote for the Liberals happened due to their Platform with Cannabis legalization and the freedom of communication on the internet, due to the fact the media is only as Liberal as its conservative owners allow.


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