Real conservatives need to Canada up and vote NDP or Liberal.

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109-0909_IMGConservatives should Canada up and vote Liberal or NDP this election because at or or even facebook and other places on the internet you can see how the fundamentalist core of the cons spew vile angry hatred all over. This is happening for the con leader has no real platform to offer Canada. Somehow, cons took over the conservative party and turned it into the cons. The con leader has shown no leadership on the economy with 150 Billion debt for do nothing action plan adds, online troll armies, spin doctors and 3 fear mongering messages per week. Plus a 70 something cent dollar, 9 deficits, 2 recessions, and the worst economic performance since WW2. Remember the missing 3.1 Billion? A trade agreement to protect foreign corporate profits, not the Canada consumer.

On Law and Order, so many of his inner circle members have been in jail, in front of the courts, waiting to go to court, combined with his wanting to bring in illegal legislation after illegal legislation that has been struck down by the courts that he has shown less than no respect for those courts show he has no leadership what so ever in reducing crime or on law and order. His stance on the senate is atrocious, verging on barbaric. Bill C-51 is just as Savage. C-24 is from 1933 Germany, which is what you should fear.

On protecting Canada he has another epic failure with military expenditures of epic size on an epic failure of a jet, and has also failed Veterans and the enlisted soldiers again and again and again. Cons are bombing civilians and hospitals for electioneering purposes, while ignoring the plight of millions of refugees caused by the bombings. Ships that are not been built, troops without the proper equipment for the jobs they are there to do. The cons have treated the military barbarically, trashed the international reputation of Canada. The above is just what I thought of in a couple of minutes, You can google for a lot more and in depth details too.

And that was all before this Election. Is the cons leaderless election platform of angry hatred, vile racism, and natzi era fear mongering to distract you from their main platform plank of “Billionaires need more, you need less” something you really want to vote for? Look in the tainted reflection on the liquid in the Mug conservatives and you will see that it is telling you conservatives it is time to Canada up and Vote for Liberals or NDP. Yes vote for which ever is the strongest non-con Candidate in your riding, For cons belong behind bars, not in government.

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