On Canada’s “Cultural Genocide”.

June 21, 2015 at 8:29 am | Posted in Canada, Politics, Quotabull, Religion | Leave a comment
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DSC01355The Truth and Reconciliation Commission report is published, the evidence is in it, and Cultural Genocide is what some are naming what Canada did, and In My Opinion which I have lots of Canada is still doing. Residential schools, substandard conditions, discrimination, etc, all of it wrong as the report showed, and the report even had 94 recommendations of what should be done. And those 94 recommendations are not enough In My Opinion.
The Parliament of Canada should spend the next 2 or 3 years holding emergency sessions across the land, visiting every reservation there is. At each of them, the government should beg for forgiveness for the crimes the government perpetrated upon them. Then the government should humbly ask what they can do for the people there to show that they actually are begging for forgiveness. Then there should be a task force that builds in consultation with the people there the off grid houses, schools, water and sewer infrastructures, hospitals, universities and whatever else is needed on and off those reservations to make them first world places where there is economic, social, political and other opportunities for the people there.
When Canada can bail out banks with tens of billions of dollars, Canada should be able to afford the tens of billions of dollars needed for first nations to have what any other city or town or person in Canada has. It is the moral thing to do.


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