Edmonton june 4 2015

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The cloud’s were there, the sun was shining and the heat of the approaching Federal election was thick in the air. People were pouring into the the place , like a mighty river flowing through the city. There is where Justin Trudeau was in Edmonton June 4, 2015 at the Maharaja hall to launch the campaign of Amarjeet Sohi, who will be the Liberal Party Candidate for Edmonton Millwoods, in the upcoming Federal election. And a fine grand opening for a campaign it truly was. There was around 1000 people there, and it was one of the most diverse crowds I have ever seen at a political rally, which is an excellent thing. A huge crowd of excellent people it truly was. Some excellent music, there was awesome free food and even free water with ice! Some reporters were there, former deputy prime minister, city councilors etc, etc. I am surprised I did not see Rick McIver there too.
There was even some protesters, protesting the con political party draconian Bill C-51, which Justin Trudeau said the liberals would repeal the bad con parts as the government. It was a con majority that illegally forced the bill upon Canada. It was a good thing those protesters for everyone’s rights and freedoms were not declared terrorists ad hauled away forever.
Amarjeet Sohi spoke to the large crowd and sounded and talked as a Member of Parliament should. Justin’s speech was every bit that of a Prime Minister there for all of Canada, showing he has more than enough experience, more than file clerk would to be Prime Minister of Canada. Anyone that can box the ears off a disgraced Senator showed the Prime  Minister Material before bell one for round one even rung.
Make sure you register to vote in the upcoming Federal election, for I read how one party, one party is trying to make it so people can not vote. . . .


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