Deborah Drever: Freedom of expression HERO vrs free speech hating sore election loosing trolls on a witchhunt

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Yes indeed, it has been looking as if Deborah Drever is a person the righty winged nuts want to either hang or flail until dead. Why? Because she won an election is why and she posted some rather obvious pictures that displayed freedom of expression. The sore election losers determined that freedom of expression is a crime punishable by hanging until political dead in the waters.

Instead of saying” I disagree with those opinions but defend the rights of the person to have those opinions and express them freely in whatever media they wish to do so with”, the sore election loosing trolls that hate free speech  jumped on the sore election looser witch hunt bandwagon and blew and whined in the media that Deborah Drever was unfit to live as a human for she had won the election and had expressed opinions before winning that election. The hate filled trolls spewed worse than the images. If as some free speech hating trolls do and you do not believe me, remove the free speech hating, out for blood colored, troll glasses and go and read some on the comments posted here and there on the web .
You bunch of sore election loosing whining hate for free speech filled trolls were spewing ISIS supporter and other such hate to a person you never met, because you saw 3 images in the media.
Three images, that I must point out to you haters of free speech, that are not criminal nor are they against the law in any way shape or form. . .
Even the Ezrant, Spewer of the righties was a huffing and a puffing like a troll ready to devour freedom of expression right out of the charter forever more. I think he had a skewer ready to pike her with for a slow roasting over a fire for a free speech hating sore election looser troll feast. . .
It looks as if one of the free speech hating sore election loosing trolls even forced their child out the door to go and publicly protest against people having the right to free speech, with a recall the elected person who posted 3 images that offend the free speech hating sore election loosing trolls opinions on things. A year or so ago the free speech hating troll political party even tried to outlaw the work strike.
Did the premier do the correct thing? Who knows, only time will tell.

3 images:
One looks to be about supporting the sick and ill rights to choose medication.  I guess the filled with hate for freedom of expression sore election loosing trolls figure everyone should be forced to take whatever the government decides they should swallow.
Two looks to be how someone may view how the harpercons are wrecking Canada with trollish hate for freedom of expression legislation.
Image Three probably made Ric McIver laugh if he actually supports freedom of expression and not just give it lip service as a hate filled sore election loosing troll would and has a sense of humor.  the link at the top to the Evelyn Beatrice Hall is there because:

Hall wrote the phrase: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” something the right winged have shown they disagree with and do not support.


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