May 24, 2015 Premier Notley of Alberta becomes Premier of Alberta at the legislature.

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I was there with HD camera, and added some images I have to the Video I made of that day of history and History it truly was.
I have been to a few of those ceremonies where officials take the Oath of Office and usually there is around 100 or so actual people. Today when Premier Rachel Notley and her cabinet took the Oath to be our government there was actual thousands of people there! And they were cheering, clapping, and enjoying themselves seen a new political party assume the reigns of government in Alberta with a Majority. And it is a NDP majority they were clapping and cheering for again and again and again.
In My Opinion if Rachel Notley and the NDP majority government work as hard and as long as those thousands of people were at clapping and cheering and enjoying the fine day, there could very well be a NDP government of Alberta 8 or more years in a row in Alberta.
Sort of like rows of grain, growing in a field, near a lake , with foothills and mountains off in the distance under an excellent orange hued morning sky of spring in Alberta.


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