Alberta: STRONG and FREE once again!

May 8, 2015 at 5:34 pm | Posted in Alberta, elections, Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment
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After 44 years of been Albertastan, where horrors such as foster kid deaths abounded, People are now proud to once again, after generations in hiding, call themselves Albertans from Alberta. They rejected the corporate communists “Billionaires need more” Budget(now known as the wild conservatives) and voted in the progressive NDP and their Billionaires should pay more Budget.
The Alberta NDP majority government should be able to keep the corporate communists at bay that want Albertans to pay them to take the Oil of Alberta. Yes indeed, we pay them to take the oil, once the lowest in the world oil royalty rates and environmental and health costs are factored in.
In my opinion it is a good thing the Alberta NDP are younger than the old oily barons of the CCCP (Canada Corporate Communist Party) as the Alberta NDP Majority and new premier will need that energy that younger people have to clean up the messes and woes left by the defeated CCCP. Rumors say they will be finding bits of shredded paper for decades, as skeletons in the closet can get at least 44 deep after 44 years of closed book finances….

Alberta, once again a Strong and Free nation in the confederation of nations named Canada.


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