Alberta, what is next?

May 6, 2015 at 9:03 am | Posted in Alberta, Politics, Quotabull | 2 Comments
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Will the new NDP majority government of Alberta repeal Marijuana prohibition, as over 24 states in the USA have done?
Doing so would accomplish many  good progressive things for Alberta and perhaps the rest of the nation. First off would be the savings in law enforcement, prisons and courts that could be put towards health care and education. This would most likely give the people more trust in NDP governments as they would no longer have to worry about their children been lock up with serial killers and such over a plant that has never killed anyone. Rural Alberta would be able to prosper from growing one of the most lucrative cash crops there is. Hemp and Marijuana industries would enable some economic diversification as there are thousands of products that can be manufactured from hemp.
And perhaps one of the most important reasons to Repeal Marijuana Prohibition in Alberta is how it would effect, Alberta, Ottawa, and Canada in the next federal election, by showing that the Federal cons are not there for the people, and really never have been. . . .
And the most important reason to do so, is that no one, absolutely no one should be locked up in jail for over a plant that has only helped people, and never killed anyone….
The next 4 years should be interesting in Alberta!


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  1. Check this out!

    Ever since I have added hemp oil and hemp seed to my diet my arthritis, colitis, diverticular disease and psoriasis have improved to the point of almost not there. Two tablespoons of hemp oil in my hot cereal each day, hemp oil instead of olive oil for salad dressings and four tablespoons of hemp hearts per day.

    Hemp is a miracle food!

    • Yes indeed it sure is a miracle food, viable hemp sprouts are even better but not available due to prohibition.

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