The Alberta Spring.

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All my Alberta election predictions but one were correct, lucky it was the party that got the majority. I got that one wrong
AND Spring is here! Congratulations to Premier Rachel Notley and the NDP majority government. Work hard, it is what you signed up for.
here is the predictions I did predict.
I am Dave Dowling, and I Dave Dowling say that:
The changing of the fixed election date in Alberta, with a surprise spring election shows the word of a con is worth less than nothing, and Alberta would be better off not to trust them. . . .
Plus Alberta has debt, Norway has a trillion dollars.
The Con party headquarters has a list of the political parties at their con party headquarters web site, here at this link.

My election prediction is a con majority due to large corporate donations and the con media(TV, Radio,
Papers) doing whatever they have to , to make sure the cons are there again.
Remember the very partial media fear mongering in the last election just days before the vote, to make sure the cons won?


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