ALBERTA ELECTION may start Ragnarok! According to some that are way down in the polls.

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The Oil God Odin has revealed to his premier sockpuppet that not just the world will end if there is a change of party in power in Alberta, but the entire Universe will self immolate in a flaming cataclysmic ending similar to a burning lake of fire! Calgary will be nought but flames, as will Edmonton and the rest of the province, country , world, solar system, galaxy and the rest of the known and unknown Universe! After 44 years Norway has a trillion dollars, while Alberta has debt, and only the fearsome wagging of the tounges to protect Alberta from Ragnarök, which will start with the frost giants assuming control of the government in Alberta! And wagging that tounge truly is about Ragnarök!  First off, all jobs in Alberta will vanish, instantly, then, then the crops will all fail! After that the people will start fighting for food, even though there will not be any. Next, all the oil will instantly burn to toxic ash, followed by a sinkhole that slowly sucks the entire province of Alberta to hell, I would go on, but The Jimmy of the cons does a far better job of fearmongering with his bad opinion, last century quotes, and tales of Ragnarök, than I could ever do. Just as I Dave Dowling predicted here on this blog, weeks ago; Fearmongering in all the media looks to be all jimmy and the cons got, besides debt after 44 years , while Norway has a trillion dollars. Make sure you Vote.


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