There is a problem in Alberta, and unelected premiers only adds to it…..

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DSC009493.7 million barrels a day times 100 dollars per barrel is equal to 370,000,000.00 per day times 365 days is equal to:
$135 billion a year profit from just the tar sands,
And Alberta has debt?
Something is wrong in Alberta. . . . .

An ex federal harperite, who went into the bankster business and then became an unelected premier, appointing more unelected to cabinet:
Is only adding to the wrongness that will take a change of party in government to fix.

The unelected one could have run in the riding vacated by the former premier, but no. He has decided to have another expensive by-election with a sacrifice of an elected MLA to the bus that they throw the used up under. Yes indeed, expensive by-election or to heck with the fixed election dates and an expensive early general election. . .
Donate to, support and vote for the opposition political parties, it is time!


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