Ontario, 8pm today is time to work on next election, because the system is busted.

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DSC00949Ontario does not have mountains such as the rocky mountains. Nor does it have Democracy, which is everyone of voting age voting on all government wants to do. Ontario has representative government, which is the problem causing all the woes and horrors. Which is why the next four years will be just like the last four years, for the system has not changed with the election, just the distribution of the representatives. Banksters won the election, them and their corporations will have representation, while the homeless, the minimum wage workers, the middle class and the single parent families will have none.
the system of government is busted, broken, non repairable, needs a new system of government, not just a change of representatives.
what is needed in Ontario and everywhere is Democracy, which is everyone voting on all legislation.
Democracy, which is everyone voting on all legislation frees the people that representative government enslaves by its very nature.
Democracy, everyone voting on all legislation is what you should be working for in the next election, its the real change that is needed more than a change of representatives.



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