There is only one. So saith the tree.

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DSC00953Look at a tree, or a mountain, or water flowing fast by both. Look ever so carefully and ever so closely. Look with some state of the art, top of the line technology, like an atomic force microscopy which some name a scanning force microscopy! Yes look with such at a tree, or a mountain or the waters fastly flowing by both.
In all, you will see atoms, atoms composed of electrons, neutrons and protons
. Examine such in minute detail. While doing so, you will not find the names of Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Zoroaster or any other human.

Instead you will find Truth, self evident truths,  that show there is only one true and real religion of one and only one true and real God.

Here is what you have been waiting, searching and looking for, the truth on truth concerning religion. Available only in environmental friendly E-book form. Click the link for the real truth.



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