Truth vrs Opinion

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Paris 3 022 Fontaine des Innocents, last Renaisance fountain“”Thor is the son of the one and only true King of the Gods whose name is Odin!” I know so because my one ancient book on such things says so!”
Such a statement as the one between the quotation marks, in the sentence above, is not Truth in any way shape or form, it is not even close to been a truth. In fact its only opinion, some say a circular rhetorical argument of opinion.
For truth, real truth, one must look elsewhere, for it is not found in ancient books of circular rhetorical arguments of opinion.
Those books are only similar to a sign post on the road pointing towards the city named truth. The signpost is not the city, its only a sign pointing the way. The city named truth is only found by looking for it in everything as science has done is doing and will do.

Look at the monitor, there is some truth, for what exactly enables a monitor to work? Self evident truths enable that monitor to work. Ohms law, gravity, the laws of energy and more such self evident laws enable that monitor to have the pixels appear in all their glory, sending photons to your eyes, where they are converted into thought by your brain. No opinion there, just the self evident truths that enable it all to work. For those self evident truths can be found by anything, anywhere at anytime, if they choose to look, and not claim they have all the truth because of a dusty old book of circular rhetorical arguments of Opinion.

For the real Truth on truth, and the real truth on religion, god and what it all means, click the link : where you can learn more than the opinions.


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