No leadership in the Prime Minister of the Cons.

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Paris 3 021 King Henry 4 was assasinated on this spot, 1610,the pathetic one sitting in the Prime Ministers office is only a con, a sock puppet of a con, there to pillage and rob, Canada all of it.
Instead of Democracy, everyone voting on all legislation, its dis enfranchise the voter more and more again and again.
That sock of a PM Puppet has no leadership abilities, plans or platform. He not win the Pm in an honest election, It was frauded, like a con always does.
like a puppet of used socks he has offered nothing, done nothing, and looks to do the same. What do you expect, when its air for brains and wool for eyes, like most sock puppets.
A real leader like in Israel, or India, or Europe would of had Canada using enviro friendly technology, like electromagnetic rail guns to be launching the best communations satellites into Orbit, a half decent leader like Iran has would of at least been launching beavers or other animals of Canada into orbit, on the plan to put Canadians in orbit, on the moon, living on mars, etc. Instead, that P sock M Puppet of the cons, is wasting money in a huge program of distraction after distraction to make you forget about election fraud, while the sock puppet of the cons in the PM of Canada chair continues to covert spy on all, disenfranchise voters, and worse.
Justin with the Liberal party or Thomas with the NDP party would be far better, at least 14.29759932 times better!

Elections are coming, donate to, support, vote for , and be one to scrutinize ballots in the election if you can for the Liberal or NDP party. Get a lawn or window sign, pay as much as you can for it! For Money is important to the political parties in elections.
Canada needs change, this post shows why and how.


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