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goldDemocracy is everyone with the freedom to vote voting on all legislation. Representative Government is where people have a representative that votes on all legislation for them. Fascism is when Banksters work with government and the people are ignored, treated as cogs, etc etc, Sort of what we have with the Prime minister of the cons and the con party….. The entire planet has representative government of one form or another, which is the political disease causing the symptoms of woe and horror, you read about all day.

Democracy is the most excellent change that is needed in Canada and elsewhere, it is the bestest, most cost effective form of government there is. Democracy which is everyone voting on all legislation enables a nation to be all it can; wonderous with good everything for all.



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  1. So, if the police do nothing to stop this, should there not be a Supreme Court challenge launched to throw out all criminal convictions in Canada for possession of marijuana? And distribution?

    Canada’s first medicinal marijuana vending machine opens in Vancouver ‎- 48 minutes ago
    The B.C. Pain Society is calling its marijuana vending machine a first for the country.

  2. I would suggest a security guard or two at each machine.

    • AND bullet proof, unbreakable glass!
      some states in the USA are looking at letting people out of jail. There is also talk of what you have pointed out, how all convictions should be thrown under the proverbial Bus, which I agree with. .

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