The world civil war, poor vrs banksters and bankster sockpuppets. Has it started?

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Paris 2 278 Bottom of Colonne de JuilletTurn on the news, open a news site web page, listen to the radio news and one can only wonder, when did the First World Civil War of the poor versus the Banksters and bankster sock puppets start? Government where only the rich have representation through the buying of political sock puppet proxies that stoop down and do it for political donations or worse. Did the first world civil war start in France a couple of centuries ago? last week? Or next decade?
Democracy, everyone voting on all that Government wants to do is how it will be won. For freedom is more than a word, it is a state of being, and Democracy, where all vote on everything is its government. It would be best for the banksters to just capitulate and save themselves some sorrow, grief and woe, and help bring in Democracy, where everyone is free and enjoys freedom by voting on all legislation, in every nation.
What the kevlar clad armed ones must ask themselves, is which side are they on, that of being a sockpuppet proxy, or that of freedom which all are born with and none have any right to take away. For the rest, the non kevlar clad majority, the people, most of them already know what side they are on.

In our representative systems, the ones that print the money only have to bribe up to 20 people to get municipal legislation passed to benefit them, on a provincial level its no more than 100 people to bribe their way to fascism, and on a national level at the most its 600 people to bribe in legislation to rob a nation for themselves.
In a Democracy, where everyone votes on all legislation, they would have to bribe everyone, which is hard to do to get legislation to benefit only a few banksters..



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