Alberta cons put mystery Meat on ballot!

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ABnotNKorea. In most nations with a representative government, the leader of the country is usually the leader of the political party that wins a General election. Different captains at the helm, steer the ship differently, have different things on the menu, and even treat the workers differently. Most people want to know whose in charge of that ship, BEFORE they get on it, Not AFTER.  Its the same when ordering food at a restaurant. People want to KNOW, what they are ordering and rarely like a surprise. Yet the con party of Alberta wants you to do just that. They want you to sit down , order food, and they will decide what meat is put on that plate.  It could be rodent, roadkill, or perhaps insects, or perhaps its just poison, made to look like meat. Hard to tell, when all it says on the menu is Mystery meat!

In an election, a general election, the leaders of the political parties are who will be premier if their party wins the general election. Not so with the con party. With the con party its a Mystery meat premier. Cons despise unions, families, the disabled, workers and farmers. Cons figure you have no right to choose a premier, Cons say its a choice the people of Alberta are too stupid to make, and that the con party will decide who your premier is by the vote a few con party members. The cons say you just shut up and vote for Mystery meat, its how things are, its what makes the Province work, and cons will decide who your premier is, not you the people, in a general election, like is done in most parliament systems of representative government. Only in Alberta are the people so despised by the iron fisted rulers that they are not allowed to choose the leader, and that the party select few will make that decision for you. Just ask Hancock, he will tell you how you do not pick the leader in a general election, tis the party zealots that do so, behind closed doors in a secret deal, and that is how its been done, is done and will be done!
Thats how its done in NKorea, the pathetic despot regime that the cons of Alberta worship. Probably because the “dear leader” of that nation has pillaged more than the “dear Leaders” of Alberta have pillaged from Alberta with the no royalties on tar sands crude.
Alberta is not N. Korea, and to make sure it stays Alberta, you better support, donate to and vote for the opposition political parties in Alberta, who understand that mystery meat should never be on any ballot, ever. . . .


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