You were born with freedoms!

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1growthYou, yes you, you were born, just as a fungus is with freedoms that some say God itself granted. One of those freedoms was the right to represent yourself in all matters. Like the matter of needing food. Yes indeed, you represented yourself and bellowed at the top of your lungs for nourishment. You did not get someone else to do that screaming for food, you did it all yourself. Somehow, that freedom to represent yourself was stolen immediately after your birth, by events that happened long long ago, way before you were born. For when you were born, and even right now, no matter where you live on planet Earth, you live under the yoke of a representative government. That Representative Government took that god enabled freedom you were born with to represent yourself, and made it so if your lucky enough to live where you get to vote for a Representative, you get to vote for a representative, every 1/4 generation or so to represent you in government.
Democracy is everyone exercising that God granted freedom they were born with, by voting on all legislation, that government proposes. Democracy looks like it is never on the platform of the various credible political parties of the representative system of government. Why? Because they do not want to serve the people, like they would in a Democracy, Instead they want to try and rule all, by making sure you never get back that God granted right to represent yourself in all matters of Government. Representative government is a huge chain and shackle that enslaves all and all nations by taking away the Godly granted gift of you been able to represent yourself in Government. Democracy restores that God granted gift to everyone, by enabling everyone to vote on all that government wants to do, thereby making it so we get a government that does what is needed, not just what it wants.

Democracy is the excellent change that is needed, for the system of representative government is broken down, busted, non-repairable, its a dead dinosaur causing nothing but problems in its sham of trying to cling to life when its noting but a putrid rotting corpse causing stenches, woes, horrors, and most of the problems in the world today.
Ask the elected, ask the candidates, ask the door knockers, ask the political parties, ask them all, why they want to rule instead of serve? Ask them why they want all to be kept in slavery with representative government, when that freedom named Democracy is there, within our grasp.
Democracy, where everyone votes on all government wants to do, is not a question of if, but a question of when.
I am Dave Dowling, and I know Democracy is needed everywhere.

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