The REVOLUTION in Alberta !

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Tags: , , , , , finally Don Broder is smiling down from heaven at the wroth that has poured forth upon the resigned one.
ABnotNKorea.Alberta is not N. Korea, and I have no idea from heaven, hell or anywhere in-between why the con political party thinks and treats Alberta like it is N. Korea!

For the 3rd time in a row, just like in N. Korea, the political party will choose the next “dear leader” in a political party backstabbing leadership race. A contest of many may enter, only one survives, where the knives will be sharp, the knives will be wide, the knives will be long and the knives will be hidden until they are plunged with outright vile hatred into the political foe that dares think they are the next despot to sit upon the Big Oil Throne to pillage and plunder the people for themselves and Big Oil.

I was a Candidate in one provincial election to try and change such horrors, and disabled as I am, was kicked off gov. assistance for doing so. Such is the wicked nasty vile wretchedness that froths and bubbles inside the con party, like a brew of dead innocents brewing in a cauldron of putridness of a pointy hat satan sucking witch.
Instead of having an election where the people of Alberta choose the leader, instead its just like China and N. Korea, where the party zealots have a backstabbing contest, where the winner is they who sever the most spines. the line up of promises to Big Oil for leadership race campaign funds will be long, for all despot contenders will want more and better knives than the rest. Just like N. Korea and China, after that blood filled contest of stabbing in the back, the party will have the sockpuppet media fearmonger the people into rubber stamping approval of the party chosen in a mockery of Democracy election.

Instead of been a gelded Alberta sheeple, that will bleat for more of the same in the next election because the sockpuppet media tell you too:
Grow those prairie oysters back between your legs and support, donate to and vote for the other political parties. Democracy which is everyone voting on all legislation would be better IMO, but no credible provincial political party has that on the platform at the moment. So supporting, donating to and voting for the Wildrose, Liberals, NDP and other credible political parties is the next best thing.
That is the REVOLUTION here in Alberta, supporting, donating to and voting for a legislature where there is no cons.

list of political parties in Alberta if you dont like the 3 I mentioned.

P.S. con party members reading this, I have some excellent handcrafted from hardwood knives for sale! they are supurb for those political opportunist backstabbing moments.


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