If the gov approved rancid buffalo pies as food and let the media serve it to you, would you Eat it?

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Image0307Oh give me a phone,
Where there’s no fee to roam,
and my budget by it is never blown!
like most of the roads are.

Representative governments, which usually immensely favor and do things for large corporations, for political donations given, has given you, your outrageous phone bill that you get every month. For Corporations want more bottom line profit. Corporations hug bottom line profit more than a mother hugs a new born child. which is why phone costs keep going up and not down. Roads are free, why not phones?
Because of course, we have a representative government that looks to only represent large corporations, and more profit squeezed from your pockets, is there fore to the corporations and governments benefit. For another example of this just look at Alberta. The Alberta Government wants a new leaking all over the place pipeline put in to take that toxic tar sands crude, and send it through thousands of miles of leaks to some foreign market. Seeing how the royalty rates on Alberta tar sands are non-existent, all the average Albertan will get, is a tax bill to clean up the environmental disasters caused by the pipeline leaks. The Alberta Government wants to rob and toxify the people, so a couple of Oil corporations can make trillions of dollars of bottom line profit. The Alberta government is wasting hundreds of millions lobbying and advertising to CONvince  everyone of the lies that: 1 no pipeline anywhere has ever leaked. 2 the people of Alberta will benefit from it.
There is many horrid pathetic examples of the prime evils and secondary and other evils that representative governments perpetrate upon the people in the name of the few for the few by the few, I am sure you know of at least 100 if you took 5 minutes to think about it.
Democracy, which is everyone voting on anything the government wants to do, is needed. For when everyone votes on everything the government wants to do, we get a government that serves the people and will do what it needs to do, not just what it wants to do.
Ask your elected officials, ask your political parties, ask those politicians when they knock on the door, phone you, or send you an email; Ask them when we will have Democracy, and if it is on their party platform. Democracy, everyone voting on anything the government wants to do.

Government and the lamestream media should not be trying to force stuff buffalo pies down everyone’s gullet, while telling them such buffalo pies are excellent health minister approved for consumption nutrition, when its poison. No one should have to have poisoned pie force stuffed down their gullet ever, by anyone.


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