Democracy, when is it?

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Paris 1 006 Place St. Michel.  Michael killing dragonSaint Democracy slaying representative government!
Many years ago, most likely around a score or so or more,
You were born with the freedom to represent yourself,
In all matters.
Soon after that monumental moment of birth,
that freedom to represent yourself was lost.
It happened long long long before you were born.
which is why you now have to vote for a representative,
to represent you in your representative government.
Representative government is not Democracy.
Democracy is where everyone
exercises that inherit freedom they are born with,
and represents themselves in government,
by voting on all that government wants to do.

Representative government tries to rule the people,
by taking that born with freedom away.
Democracy serves the people,
by letting all enjoy the freedom they were born with,
to represent themselves in matters of government.


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